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Food Intolerance Testing

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Beat the bloat and boost your metabolism!

Detox and Debloat with food intolerance testing! Food intolerances cause your system to become sluggish and tired! Not digesting your food correctly slows down your metabolism, meaning you slow down your weight loss or even gain weight. When food ferments in the gut it causes a whole host of symptoms to occur.

This simple and accurate home test allows you to test for 400 foods in the privacy of your own home. Simply take a small blood sample from the tip of your finger and send your sample back to us for results withing 5 working days. You will receive meal plans to help you with your eliminations and well as supplement advice on what you need to address your health issues.

Symptoms of a Food Intolerance –

Digestive issues – constipation, diarrhoea, acid reflux, heart burn, etc

Skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis

Difficulty Losing Weight

Lowered Energy


Imbalanced Hormones

Mood Swings

Food Cravings

What is Included?

400 Foods Tested – Results issued via email

Meals plans to help you with your new way of eating. Including snack and treat options

Supplement advice to help you address your health issues.

Follow up can be arranged should you need it. 

The Benefits

Eliminating Foods your body is Intolerant to can potentially improve your overall health. Here are a few things that can happened once you eliminate those offending foods!

A Settled Digestive System

Food Intolerances can cause a number of gastrointestinal symptoms, like nausea, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Eliminating foods, you are intolerant/ sensitive to, can negate these symptoms. This is due to food not breaking down well and causing inflammation in your digestive system.

Weight loss

By identifying what foods you are intolerant to, we can potentially boost our metabolism. When we consume foods we are intolerant to, (even its just an apple or an orange), if they take a long time to digest this will have a negative impact on the metabolism and in turn slow it down. It then becomes very difficult to loose weight if your metabolism is on a go slow. Many people use food intolerance testing as a method of loosing weight and feeling great!

Clear Complexion

Food Intolerances can affect a person’s skin. Inflammation in the gut directly impacts the skin. Discovering and eliminating foods ones is intolerant to, can assist in clearing up acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin rashes.

Mend Mental Health

Food Intolerance can chronically affect mental health, by causing fatigue, mood swings, depression, irritability and anxiety. Taking foods, you are intolerant to out of your diet can lead to better mental health.

Breath Better

Food intolerances can cause cold like symptoms, including nasal inflammation, itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing and coughing.

Enhance Energy

Creating a diet without foods you are intolerant to can drastically increase your energy levels, as food sensitivities cause fatigue and sluggish metabolism!

Cut Cravings

Cutting the foods out of your diet you are intolerant to can eliminate sugar cravings, as your digestions works better overall. Also, your new and revised diet can lead to weight loss!

“ Most people go through life eating inflammatory foods that create many chronic diseases and health conditions, including low mood and energy. Food intolerances can be very destructive to the body. They cause more subtle health challenges that make someone feel uncomfortable without outward immune reaction. These reactions can take up to 3 days to develop therefore making it very difficult for you to identify the offending foods and connecting the symptoms. That is why we recommend testing!” Yvonne O’ Shaughnessy

Food Intolerances and weight management!

“Do you find it impossible to lose weight and keep it off despite your best efforts to diet? Does everyone around you seem to eat more than you – and yet somehow end up slimmer? Do you struggle to resist carbohydrate foods such as bread, cakes, chocolate, crisps and pasta? Do most of your excess pounds sit around your tummy? Do you feel tired for much of the time, irritable and unable to focus? Do you feel bloated and Sluggish? 

If your answer was ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then having a food intolerance test done can be the start of a healthier and happier you

Yvonne explains: ‘Traditionally, weight loss programs have been built on the assumption that everyone’s metabolism works in the same way. And that if you monitor your calories, count fat grams, drink meal replacements, take dieting pills, or follow the diet sheet – whoever you are, you will lose weight. However, research has confirmed what many frustrated dieters have suspected for a long time: one size really does not fit all. ‘In fact, there is now concrete evidence that many of us struggle with weight gain and have difficulty losing excess pounds not because we are lazy or failed dieters, but because we have a metabolism that doesn’t quite match the textbook version.

Food intolerances slow down your weight loss ability as they cause the metabolism to slow down, this in turn reduces your ability to burn fat fast enough to lose weight.

Take the food intolerance test and start living a healthier, happier life!


Food Allergies

Food allergies are a very severe immune reaction to a particular food that causes immediate reactions such as swelling, rash, itchiness and sometimes a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. This test will NOT test for food allergies!

What age can be tested?

From Birth to the elderly. It is best to preform the pin prick from the toe of an infant or child.

Can pregnant women be tested?


What happens if you have NOT eaten the food in a few weeks or even months?

If you have not eaten the food in 12 months, it will not show up in your blood. However, if you eat a small amount of this food, (handful size amount) before the testing then it will show up and either be ok for you to have again or not! Allow 24 hours from when you eat the food to performing the blood sample.

Will Medication affect the results?

No, no medication of any description or supplements will interfere with the results

Is this a Coeliac test?


If I want to discuss my results with you is that possible?

Yes this is possible, we can offer an online or phone consultation for you to discuss your results with Yvonne. There is an extra charge for this service and it is by appointment only. 

How do I get my results?

They will be emailed to you within 3 – 5 working days

Does this test for lactose intolerance?


Does this test for cows milk protein intolerance?


“it is estimated that 65% of the world’s population have trouble digesting lactose/cow’s milk and 45% have other food intolerances!” Yvonne

How do Food Intolerances Develop?

Food intolerances begin when the digestive system is no longer able to break down food properly as it passes down the digestive tract. These undigested foods basically go off and putrefy within the intestines. Toxic gut bacteria feed off this undigested food. This creates a toxic gut environment. Bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhoea and general gut irritability is the result. Left untreated, these gut toxins begin to seep into the blood stream. There they trigger the immune system into over-response mode (autoimmunity) causing all manner of chronic inflammatory disease. These conditions include Anxiety, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Gastritis, Asthma, Headaches, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Skin problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Constipation, Bloating, Migraines, Sinus, Diarrhoea, Water retention and Weight gain.

Our food intolerance test can detect the immune system’s IgG antibody response to individual foods. We will be testing 400 foods against this antibody, all we need is just a few drops of blood. This is a very simple pin prick test from the tip of your finger. If we discover you have foods you must avoid, we will provide this information for you, via email. This information is used to guide you on your food elimination diet. To help you with your food eliminations we will be also providing you with meal plans to help you through the process. We provide 10 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a list of snacks and a list of treats with lots of recipes to keep your diet tasty and interesting. We provide you with images of the new food items such as dairy fee milks, yoghurt, cheese, and  gluten free breads, etc that you will now be able to include in your diet also.


Receive your test

1 Order online and we’ll post your kit directly to your home.

Take the easy finger-prick blood test

2 Collect 2-3 drops of blood and post your sample to our laboratory.

Receive your results within 7 days

3 Review your easy-to-read traffic light results: high, borderline, and normal reactivity.

Healthy Start

4 Ongoing support and guidance from our Customer Care Team.

Food Intolerance Test | Food Intolerance Blood Test | YorkTest

  • Step one: Simply buy your testing kit right here.
  • Step two: Take a sample of blood via a pin prick with the lancet provided. We just need 4 drops of blood.
  • Step three: Return the blood sample AND the consultation form to us at the address provided 
  • Step four: In 5-7 days check your email for your results.
  • Step five: Start following your new way of eating and start feeling the many benefits in your whole body within days.


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