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Colon Cleanse 60 Capsules

Constipated? Bloated? Sluggish? Foggy Brain? Low Energy? Poor Skin?

Cleanse your body of built up waste!


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Constipated? Bloated? Sluggish? Foggy Brain? Low Energy? Poor Skin?

Cleanse your body of built-up waste!

Colon Detox is a natural colon cleanse supplement that rids your body of waste and gives your digestion processes a powerful boost. Add these Colon Detox capsules to your diet and they will flush away toxins, eliminating the reasons of constipation and other unpleasant stomach feelings.


This Colon cleanse stimulates the movement of the colon for a natural cleanse of your body’s waste. Powerfully promotes regular, healthy and complete bowel movements. Supports increased flow of the Bile, allowing for a more natural, not forced bowel motion. Cleanses your body of accumulated waste with herbal ingredients for maximum purity, potency, and power!

This colon cleanse will soothe digestion, relieves discomfort and is gentle on intestines. Stimulates and strengthens the muscular movement of the colon, ensure your bowel muscle gets stronger, not weaker.

ELIMINATE TOXINS: Removes toxins and excess waste, helping you feel healthier and less sluggish.


No animal products or synthetics. All-Natural to support your healthy life and weight management.

NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE: Our tablets are vegan, gluten- and soy-free, and always non-GMO.

Lose weight the natural way!

Cleansing your body of built-up waste is a sure way to lose extra kilograms that have been bothering you for years. Trim centimetres from your waist and hips and feel healthy and confident again!

Free of toxins and excess weight, your body will quickly replenish its energy supplies and become several times more productive both physically and mentally.

Cleanses Your Body Of Waste
Colon Detox works to rid your body of toxins and other harmful substances, making you look healthier and slimmer in the midsection.

Gives Your Digestion A Boost
The digestive processes in your body can be inhibited by lack of physical activity and unhealthy food. Colon Cleansing Detox formula kick-starts your system for faster and healthier digestion.

Destroys Fat Deposits
Natural colon cleanse supplement rids your body of waste and as a result reduces constipation and bloating. Due to its all-natural and highly effective formula, you will no longer feel uncomfortable in your own body.

Helps to Lose Weight
When all the waste is cleansed away from your body, all of your bodily systems will start working better, destroying your old fat deposits.

Replenishes Energy Supply
Dragged down by loads of toxins, your body just can’t function properly. Cleanse it with Colon Detox and you will increase your mental and physical productivity.

Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada 
One Month’s Supply x 60 capsules


Take 1 – 2 capsules before bed. Start off taking 1 capsule. If you are not getting bowel motions after 2 days on this capsule increase to 2 capsules before bed.


How long should I take it for? Take this colon cleanse for as long as you need it. Your bowel will not get lazy, it will in fact strengthen your bowel muscles. You can take it as often as you need it, to alleviate constipation, sluggish digestion and bloating.


Many people will stay on this product long term. You can take it as a once off to detox and cleanse your digestive system or you can take it as you need it to alleviate constipation and sluggish digestion.


If you look after your diet while on this colon cleanse, many people have noted weight loss, as the bowel starts to function in a more optimum way, allowing for better digestion and therefore boosting the metabolism.


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Colon Cleanse 60 Capsules